The Benson Theatre ( is excited to welcome two new additions to their team. They welcome Moira Mangiameli as artistic director and education coordinator, and Beaufield Berry as marketing manager. They are feeling extremely fortunate to be working with these two professional, powerhouse individuals.

Moira has been with the theatre since May, but will be stepping into this new role as of 2023. A familiar face to area theatre patrons, Moira has her MFA in Acting from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and has served as artistic director for RESPECT and Theatrix at UNL. She also was director of education for both Nebraska Shakespeare and Ocala Civic.

Benson Theatre is super stoked to add the uber-talented Beaufield Berry to the family in her new role as marketing manager. Beaufield has made her name as a nationally recognized playwright, novelist, and arts professional. Beaufield’s adventurous work has been performed across the country in various degrees showcasing her dedication to theater, collaboration, and skill.

The Benson Theatre serves the missions of organizations who wish to positively impact the community, along with all who wish to be a part of the educational and creative experiences that happen within the theatre’s walls. They recognize the need for programming for kids, for older adults, and for those with specific needs. Contact them at (402) 991-4333 for rental fees and details about technology features, collaborations, and assembly. For more information, go to