AR Solutions Founder Aaron Newell Attends Conference on Regulation F

Founder of AR Solutions (, Aaron Newell, recently traveled to Chicago in November to attend the American Collectors Association’s 2021 Fall Forum & Expo, where he learned more information about Regulation F. Regulation F is a set of detailed rules covering every aspect of debt collection to make the debt collection experience fair for all relevant parties. The conference gave Aaron a wealth of knowledge to share with his team to understand the paramount changes Regulation F will have on the collection industry.

“Regulation F is the largest change to the collection laws since the Fair Debt Collection Practice act passed in 1979,” shared Aaron. “It was imperative that we were educated on this topic to the fullest extent possible for our office as well as for our clients to make sure we are in 100% compliance. After the seminar concluded, I felt that AR Solutions has done all the research needed and conducted the necessary implementation of new procedures to comply fully. Agencies that have not taken the appropriate steps to comply are not only putting themselves at risk, but their clients as well.”

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