Apta Health (aptahealth.com)  is excited to announce that they have revamped their website to provide a modern and easy-to-navigate system for their clients.

Apta Health was created with a goal of changing the way healthcare is delivered. By offering fully integrated, turn-key health plans, their programs are designed to make self-funding accessible to brokers and their clients. Apta’s Guided Healthcare™ programs are central to changing healthcare outcomes by offering members industry advocates to guide them through their healthcare journey. The programs include: Apta Cash, Apta Captive, and the original Care Coordination program.

Apta Cash saves on medical expenses by choosing vetted, high-quality medical providers who offer affordable cash prices for their services. Paying cash eliminates the need for time consuming administrative work and providers are paid quicker using Apta Cash. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Care Coordination offers employers and members a more compassionate healthcare experience by proactively managing member needs with industry-leading customer service and patient advocacy in real-time.

The Apta Captive is a type of self-funded tool that pools together multiple mid-size and larger employers so they can better control their healthcare spending.

Apta Health offers benefits to medium and large-size businesses that were traditionally only available to Fortune 500 companies. Visit them at aptahealth.com or contact them at info@apta-health.com to learn more about their programs and how they can uniquely serve your company.