The “Smart Buy” Liquidation Exhibition is a business to consumer event that will take place between December 9th through 25th at a big exhibition hall at a well-known location in the city of Omaha.  This is a good chance for vendors/wholesalers/small and independent businesses to introduce and sell their products directly to the end customer.  Typically, priority will be given to vendors that provide products ranging from rugs and bed sheets to musical instruments, wooden gifts and customer electronics.  This exhibition targets low-income to middle income individuals/families of all ages and therefore, vendors who provide a less expensive price to the end customer will have the priority to be considered first.

The “Smart Buy” Liquidation Exhibition event will be backed by an aggressive marketing campaign that will cover several communities and regions in the Omaha metro area on a daily basis. For a very reasonable price, vendors can get a booth and sell their products.

Vendors who feel that their product will have a chance to sell at an event like this should contact Ross at (402) 452-0918.