Angels Among Us ( is extremely proud to launch their new app, releasing this month. The app will be used by current and prospective families to apply for Angels Among Us services or be kept up-to-date with payments being made on their behalf.

As families apply for the Angels Among Us financial assistance program, they will have readily available access to know what bill payments have been made to date as well as what is expected to be paid out on their behalf. This will streamline the communication and allow the families to continue focusing on the more important things, spending time with their child as they battle cancer.

The app will be a great tool for any families that are in need of additional resources outside of Angels Among Us, keeping them informed of the emotional support programming, and assurance their bills are being paid on their behalf. The nonprofit understands the insurmountable challenges that come with caring for a child with cancer, so they will grab at any available chance they can to make things easier for these cherished families.

The app is available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store, searchable under “Angels Among Us”.

Angels Among Us provides financial and emotional support to families that have a child battling cancer that lives in or is being treated in the state of Nebraska. They are able to support and pay these bills for the length of time that the child goes through cancer treatment (anywhere from 6-36 months). For more information, reach out to Amy Kent at (402) 934-0999 / or visit