Alpacas of the Heartland was pleased to welcome 475 guests to their ranch at the Fourth Annual Free Alpaca Farm Open House the last weekend of September.

Guests had the opportunity to view the 21 alpacas grazing the lush green pastures, take pictures of the alpacas, feed the alpacas out of their hands, and many a visitor even got the chance to touch or “pet” the alpacas as they had a few alpacas that were surprisingly receptive to this as long as you were feeding them at the same time!  Many guests also had the opportunity to go home with unique alpaca items purchased at their farm store – some of them were even made by the very animals that they were just feeding by hand!  Shortly after the open house, alpaca Destini gave birth to Harvest Son (pictured).

Alpacas of the Heartland is located at 7016 County Road 39 in Fort Calhoun, NE.

For more information about Alpacas of the Heartland, please visit email or visit tem online at