All About Omaha (AAO) is seeking a beneficiary for this year’s Torchlight Ball fundraising dinner to be held in April or May of 2012. The name Torchlight Ball was selected to convey the image of “passing the torch” of charitable giving and service to the Omaha community from an older generation to a new generation eager to make a difference. A portion of the funds raised at the Torchlight Ball will be given to a chosen beneficiary to help better programs and services and continue positive support in our community.   Applications are due by August 12th.

The beneficiary of the Torchlight Ball is voted on by the AAO Members and Board of Directors. If you are interested in becoming the beneficiary for the 2012 Torchlight Ball, please mail three typed and printed copies of the completed application and supporting documents to AAO at P.O. Box 24232, Omaha, NE 68124.  All applications must be postmarked by Friday, August 12, 2011. Selected applicants will then be invited to showcase their organization to the AAO members at the AAO September happy hour on Tuesday, September 6th at 5:30p.m. at Quality Brands of Omaha.  The AAO members will vote and choose the top three finalists.

For more information about All About Omaha (AAO) and the Torchlight Ball, please visit  or contact Katie Vap (402) 708-2355.