Leading tech nonprofit AIM Institute (aiminstitute.org) donated its Silicon Prairie News (SPN) publication to the Nebraska Journalism Trust to help further advance the Midwest tech and business industries through providing expert, reputable news coverage.

SPN will continue to be a leading-edge technology news source that reports on innovation and technology trends in the region. Under Nebraska Journalism Trust management, the multi-decade publication will evolve to also report on business news.

“We are excited for Nebraska Journalism Trust leaders to continue to grow SPN’s impact as a leading news source in the region,” said AIM Institute President and CEO Kandace Miller, Ph.D. “Their journalistic leadership and expertise will help grow our diverse tech community through storytelling that will continue to create opportunities for all individuals, including underrepresented and at-risk groups, to get involved in a rewarding tech career.”

The Nebraska Journalism Trust is a nonprofit organization committed to upholding journalistic integrity and furthering good journalism by telling untold stories.

“We appreciate the opportunity to lead Silicon Prairie News into the future,” said Nebraska Journalism Trust Executive Director Matt Wynn. “With a diverse set of reporters with various backgrounds, we will ensure to craft curated and contextual stories that will help further grow the region’s tech and business sectors.”

SPN was acquired by AIM in 2015. SPN transitioned to Nebraska Journalism Trust on January 16, 2023.

The AIM Institute grows a strong and diverse tech community through education, career development, and outreach. For more information, go to aiminstitute.org.