Leading Omaha tech nonprofit AIM Institute (aiminstitute.org) believes in equipping everyone, including underrepresented populations, with the necessary tech skills, community connections, and personal development opportunities to close the gap on the IT professions shortage and allow more individuals to pursue a rewarding career in technology. AIM is an essential contributor to economic development in the Omaha area and beyond.

The Midwest region’s tech community is full of opportunities with many exciting and growing companies. But like most tech sectors in the United States, the Silicon Prairie has a high barrier to entry-level positions and suffers from a scarcity of tech talent and diversity. AIM promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech sector through access programs, technical training, success academies, and outreach events to engage individuals of all ages to establish a pathway to Get into Tech. IN 2022, AIM served more than 5,700 participants through its programming. Of the 3,000 youth served with its engagement and outreach efforts, 77% of the youth participants were from at-risk populations. Through its programming and trainings, AIM positioned more than 2,600 individuals to likely enter a tech program or a rewarding tech career.

For 30 years, AIM Institute and their team of experts provide personal and professional development to ensure anyone can pursue a rewarding tech career. AIM’s engagement efforts strengthen the region’s talent pool and help address the increased demand for high-skill tech jobs in the Midwest, also known as the Silicon Prairie. For more information, visit aiminstitute.org or call (402) 979-8324.