Abide Omaha (www.abideomaha.org) is proud to share their 2022 Impact Report. This report is a collection of the successful work Abide has done in the community.

Abide volunteers served through Impact Trips, Second Saturday Serve, Block Parties, and more. In 2022, Abide’s 11,700 volunteers worked 42,300 hours. Together, their time invested $1.27 million of value in Omaha.

Thanks to these volunteers and Abide donors, they were able to provide 9,221 pantry boxes and hot meals, 74,479 diapers, and 3,165 Christmas presents to the community.

Abide has a collective impact model where they work with 17+ strategic partners on the Better Together Campus to serve 1,800 youth and families on campus every month.

See what volunteer opportunities are available right now at Abide for your group, team, and church. Groups of every size are welcome to come to the Better Together Campus to make a difference. Even groups of one or two can have a significant impact in the community. Go to abideomaha.org/getinthegame to see all upcoming volunteer opportunities.

The mission of Abide is to revitalize the inner city, one neighborhood at a time. Abide takes a grassroots, holistic approach that focuses on developing safer neighborhoods, stronger families, and emerging leaders. To get in touch with Abide, contact them at info@abidenetwork.org and (402) 455-7807. For more information, go to www.abideomaha.org.