Autism Action Partnership (AAP, and Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) will host two training sessions to teach local arts venues how to Provide Inclusive Spaces and Sensory Friendly Experiences. Join them on Wednesday, January 12 at the Orpheum Theater, 409 S 16th St. Sessions will run 1-3 p.m. and again 5-7 p.m. Members of the media must RSVP in advance to the contacts below. The event requires pre- registration and is not open to the public.

Staff and volunteers from over a dozen local arts venues are invited to attend “Providing Inclusive Spaces and Sensory Friendly Experiences”. This training session is for anyone interested in learning how to make their community spaces or offerings more accessible to individuals and families affected by autism. Attendees will learn facts and characteristics associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, explore how individuals with autism and their families experience community spaces and activities, and learn best practices for creating inclusive spaces and sensory friendly experiences.

Autism Action Partnership aims to improve the quality of life of persons on the Autism Spectrum and their families though education, advocacy and support, thereby enabling them to be an integral part of the community. Find out more at

Omaha Performing Arts is steward of two venues – the Orpheum Theater and Holland Performing Arts Center, with a third live music venue “Steelhouse Omaha” opening May 12, 2023. O-pa presents a wide spectrum of performing arts with a commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. More information on how to support O-pa here.