You don’t need to stress about making everything meticulous – nobody is going to look in the closet you hid everything in on their way to the bathroom that’s on a separate floor. If you’re worried about that, or want a better clean anyway, look at hiring a professional that will take care of everything for you. There are plenty of great local businesses right here in Omaha that are happy to help you clean among other things.

Next, consider adding a touch of holiday decoration to boost festivity. You don’t need to go overboard; even simple touches like placing a wreath on the front door, stringing up some holiday lights and adorning a beautifully decorated tree can set the holiday mood.

One last thing that is important to consider for your holiday party at home is the food. Deciding what to make for the main focus of the meal is the easiest place to start. From there, figure out what sides you want to make and what dessert you want to finish the night off. If you aren’t cooking a big meal, or are having people over for an extended period of time, planning snacks ahead of time can be a tremendous help. Though some of us love to cook, if you aren’t a great cook or don’t have the time to cook everything you want at the holiday meal/party, consider catering. Some of our favorite foods made by the best Omaha chefs can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Dr. Vernetta Kosalka
Florist of Omaha

Spruce Up Your Holiday Decor

Festive flowers are a great way to bring holiday cheer to your family gathering. Whether adorning the dinner table as a centerpiece or gracing various corners of your home, they bring a vibrant and seasonal touch to your home.

For Thanksgiving, arrangements filled with rich, earthy tones and warm hues like deep oranges, reds and yellows capture the essence of the season. The incorporation of seasonal favorites like sunflowers, dahlias and autumnal foliage or greenery and berries can also add a nice touch to the atmosphere of the room.

For Christmas, poinsettias, the quintessential holiday bloom, bring cheer and charm, while red roses infuse romance and elegance into the occasion. Holly and ivy are steeped in tradition, and evergreen branches bring a rich fragrance that many adore. These floral choices not only add visual appeal but also carry symbolic meanings that resonate with the holiday spirit, creating a memorable and visually stunning atmosphere for your festivities.

When choosing a florist for your holiday arrangements, look for a florist whose floral style aligns with your preferences. You’ll want to choose a florist who not only has the skills to fulfill your vision, but also shares your vision, making the process of selecting and arranging flowers an enjoyable and personalized experience. Our top recommendation is none other than the Florist of Omaha (, led by Dr. Vernetta Kosalka, an acclaimed hospitality professional.

“When exploring the various flower arrangements possible, we strive to seamlessly blend your vision with reality,” Dr. Vernetta shared. “Our team of dedicated artisans possess exceptional talent that continually evolves through the pursuit of innovative floral designs.”

Mitch Miller

Holiday Memories

Holiday parties are a canvas for crafting moments that we carry with us throughout the year and our lives. In this digital age, photos serve as invaluable tools for encapsulating the very spirit of these gatherings, preserving those cherished memories for us to revisit and share for generations. Pictures capture the fleeting instances of joy, the echoes of laughter and the inside jokes that travel from one family gathering to the next. Without pictures to capture the crazy holiday experience that no one fully remembers or can agree upon, it wouldn’t be the same.

“After the cookies have been eaten, the eggnog is gone and the party’s over, the one thing that will remain are the printed and digital photos that people take with them,” Shared Mitch Miller, Owner of FotoFunSpot ( “We’ve been told many times over about families that have photos from past years and how they keep the photos on the fridge or in an album. People truly love the photos and the memories associated with them.”

FotoFunSpot has the perfect inventory of photo-capturing technologies to make your holiday gathering memorable and extremely fun. FotoFunSpot provides premium attended and unattended photo booth services that can create entertaining, unique and memorable experiences where every single person in the photo, for every photo, can take a photo strip to remember the moment and share it with others who were unable to attend. Over the years, these holiday photos will become a cherished tradition that you’ll be glad you started.

Dr. Candace Gregory
Open Door Mission

Leave No Community Member Behind

During the holiday season, it is especially important to embody the spirit of “leave no one behind.” We can embody the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas by extending invitations and performing acts of kindness to those who may be feeling lonely, are less fortunate or are facing hardships. Whether it’s inviting neighbors without plans to your festive gatherings, volunteering at local shelters and food banks or donating to charities that support those struggling to make ends meet, let’s ensure that no one is left out and that everyone can experience the warmth and togetherness these holidays represent.

Helping people in our community struggling to make ends meet during this holiday season is Open Door Mission ( Their initiatives make a significant difference in the lives of those struggling during the holiday season. Their Turkey N Fixins Food Drive for Thanksgiving and Project Santa Toy Drive / Christmas Bells Drive for Christmas will provide families with food and gifts for the holidays. Without your help, though, Open Door Mission wouldn’t be able to help our community have a great holiday season. Dr. Candace L Gregory, President and CEO of Open Door Mission contributed, “I love being a Lydia House Baby Buddy and giving time back to our community. Two hours a month makes an impact.”

To embody the spirit of giving, consider how changing how your holiday plans and routines can benefit the rest of our community. Let’s give back and get more people celebrating the holidays!

Look and Feel Your Best

Looking good for the holidays isn’t something to be overlooked. Not only does it boost self-confidence, reinforce a positive self-image and enhance social interactions during the season’s numerous events and gatherings, but also helps your skin, hands and feet feel better too. It allows you to create lasting, positive memories in the many photographs taken during this festive time, ensuring you feel your best and radiate joy throughout the holiday season.

Creative Hair Design Salon and Spa ( wants their customers to enjoy a tranquil, blissful holiday season while also taking care of their skin and overall well-being. The salon offers a haven of relaxation where you can escape the holiday hustle and bustle and indulge in rejuvenating treatments that pamper your body and rest your mind. According to Lisa Jensen, Salon Manager, “We believe that self-care is an essential part of the holiday festivities, and we are committed to helping you achieve that perfect balance between relaxation and radiance.”

For hands and feet, they offer deluxe manicures and pedicures that smooth rough, dry skin. For the body, Creative Hair Design offers massages and exfoliation treatments that not only relax you, but rejuvenate and revive your skin and mood. The salon also offers professional makeup, hair color and styling services if you want to look stunning without all the hassle of getting ready yourself! Plus, they have gift cards that make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for your family – we all know they’ll be dying to try the self-care treatment you had!

The holiday season is best enjoyed when shared with friends, family and the supportive community around us. It’s a time for creating cherished memories and spreading cheer. By patronizing local businesses, we not only find unique gifts and services, but also help our community thrive. Supporting local businesses can make the holiday season even more special, as it strengthens the bonds of our community and ensures that we all have a reason to celebrate.