At the end of the fiscal year, it is in your best interest to engage in strategic spending to optimize your financial position and tax liabilities. This often involves investing in necessary equipment, technology upgrades or infrastructure improvements that can be deducted as business expenses, thereby reducing taxable income. Additionally, businesses may choose to reward employees with bonuses or offer end-of-year incentives to boost morale and retain talent.

However, it’s crucial for organizations to strike a balance between prudent spending and avoiding unnecessary expenditures, ensuring that each investment aligns with their long-term goals and complies with relevant tax regulations and reporting requirements. This end-of-year spending strategy can help businesses both manage their tax liability and position themselves for growth in the coming year.

So, how do you go about smart end of year business spending? First, you need to talk to the local professionals of Omaha to see what your options are, and which of those options are going to be best for your business.

Marketing Emphasis

For your business to grow in 2024, people need to be aware that it exists. With so many advertising options available, first defining your objectives will help you decide how to best move forward with promotion, which you’ll continue to build upon as your business grows.
Looking back on 2023, what areas of marketing went well? What areas fell short? Did you effectively reach your target audience? If you have extra money to spend before 2024, why not set yourself up with a top-of-the-line marketing plan and budget?

End-of-year spending on marketing can be a strategic move for businesses looking to optimize their budgets and take advantage of seasonal opportunities. By assessing the performance of earlier marketing efforts, identifying areas that require additional investment and leveraging discounts and promotions from suppliers, companies can make the most of their marketing budgets. This approach not only helps meet budgetary requirements but also capitalizes on the holiday season and year-end sales, ultimately boosting brand visibility and revenue.

As a print, mail and marketing provider, Aradius Group ( can deliver your message to future customers nationwide to help you achieve your marketing goals. Whether you’re trying to grow in local areas or catch the attention of potential customers nationwide, Aradius Group has a marketing solution that will align with your business strategy and make your brand come to life! Their services include pre-press, digital printing, offset printing, envelope printing and bindery and finishing. For direct mail services, they offer mailing lists, campaign consulting, personalization, fulfillment and postage audit. Whatever your budget and marketing desires, they have you covered!

Linda Krei

Be Bold – Finish the Year Strong and Get Ready for 2024

There aren’t many people that love change, but change is an integral part of the business world. Getting “Next Ready” is embracing what you can learn today to be positioned for what is next. As 2023 comes to a close, it is of utmost importance to consider what changes are needed to finish the year strong, ending the year on a good note to be positioned to then start 2024 off as best as possible. A business needs to keep itself updated with the latest developments and technologies within the industry, otherwise, it will become outdated. Adapting to change is necessary and to implement the required steps to make change a success, you need to be bold!

As you reflect on 2023, ActionCOACH ExcelEdge ( suggests focusing on the positive aspects of the year, and on how one can learn from the negatives for a positive future. “Protecting time for self-reflection and personal discernment allows you the opportunity to stay aligned or get re-aligned with where your business needs to grow, and it allows you to discover any limiting beliefs or limited thinking that might be getting in the way of positive growth,” shared Firm Owner Linda Krei.

ActionCOACH ExcelEDGE provides an opportunity for that annual Re-Alignment, including the knowledge, systems and tools needed for significant improvements to your business. As a master global trainer and a master coach, they stay current with proven strategies and effective methods to address evolving needs through business education. Let them guide you in addressing your business challenges and growth strategies so that you can finish 2023 in a stronger position to start 2024 off right!

Smart end-of-year business spending begins with informed decision-making and collaboration with the local professionals in Omaha who can provide valuable insights and guidance. This proactive approach ensures that your year-end expenditures are strategic, helping your business thrive while also setting a strong foundation for the upcoming year.