Preparing a comprehensive business plan for the upcoming year is crucial for any business aiming to capitalize on new opportunities and navigate potential challenges. The business experts in Omaha advise businesses to consider integrating professional coaching into your business agenda alongside financial guidance to start 2024 off right.

Utilizing available services is integral to business success, enabling access to expertise and resources that can enhance operations. By engaging professional services, businesses gain specialized knowledge such as strategic insights, market analysis and guidance for informed decision-making, empowering businesses to adapt, innovate and thrive in a competitive landscape.

Cyberbacker Nebraska-Iowa ( introduces BspokeIQ, a business support network that offers more than just business coaching, leverages their service availability against when you need it most. They won’t make you commit to a long-term investment, understanding that it is important to spend wisely with the current economy. They operate on a red light green light basis, allowing room for improvisation and frequent evaluation for what is necessary and best to remain profitable.

With their partnership with BspokeIQ, they are able to leverage projects at competitive rates and turnaround times. They bid and hire out projects for everything from marketing, social media activity and advertising to day-to-day tasks that your team simply doesn’t have the capacity for. You remain in control of the projects as well as how frequently you request assistance for them. Whether you work with Cyberbacker once or twice a year or several times a month, they’ll help you stay on top of your business without sacrificing unnecessary time and money.

Donald Kracke

“We built BspokeIQ to be a personalized IT network,” shared Donald Kracke, a Certified Business Coach with BspokeIQ. “We fill in the gaps with staffing and time to help build and grow your business”

BspokeIQ was created to fill in the missing pieces and address crucial business needs. They recognize the difficulties businesses encounter in establishing and expanding their brands, teams and customer reach. BspokeIQ firmly believes that any business can achieve success given the appropriate strategy and support, which is why they are committed to providing their clients with the guidance and tools they need to thrive.

Taking it a step further, First Direct ( provides the right data, insights and solutions you need to take your business forward. As a full-service marketing company, First Direct has full creative capabilities that will help address all aspects of marketing with an unbiased approach.

From crafting captivating campaigns to honing in on targeted strategies, First Direct’s holistic approach ensures that no aspect of marketing is left unaddressed. First, they focus on data to ensure that the framework for which a business makes assessments is accurate. Within data is the key to success, and having the right mechanics helps businesses succeed by helping them understand their customers and how to reach them for the best results. Some channels work better than others for specific target markets, and the answers for which ones to use lie in data.

Joel Buhr
First Direct

“The data doesn’t work unless you do, so we continually push clients to dig deep enough to find the right solution for their situation and goals,” shared Joel Buhr, Chief Data Disruptor. “Being proactive with your marketing gives you a competitive edge that will keep you ahead in today’s fast-paced market.”

Something new to implement into 2024 marketing is the use of conversational AI. According to First Direct, one of the key advantages of implementing conversational AI is its ability to streamline the customer journey. Through intelligent automation and personalized interactions, businesses can guide prospects seamlessly through the sales funnel. This smoother, more tailored experience often results in a higher conversion rate, as customers feel heard, understood and guided towards making informed decisions. As a result, businesses optimizing conversational AI see a higher conversion rate of prospects to customers.

Shifting to print advertising, don’t forget to incorporate things like direct mail and personalized messaging to maximize engagement and response rates. These strategies can significantly enhance the impact of your print advertising campaigns by targeting specific demographics, creating a more memorable experience and driving higher conversion rates.

Chris Mueller
Aradius Group

Aradius Group ( is proud to be in the direct-to-consumer space, with one of the most trusted forms of communication for over 165 years. Aradius Group specializes in a range of printing services, including digital, offset and envelope printing as well as comprehensive direct mail offerings such as mailing lists, personalization, postage audits, creative campaign consulting and full creative services. Their expertise is dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing goals.

Chris Mueller, President and Chief Operating Officer, ensures that Aradius Group keeps up on the ever-changing needs of newer generations to keep business campaigns successful. “Our recent investment in a continuous, high-speed inkjet press aligns with our clients’ needs to create deeper connections with their audience in a more personal and meaningful way. Recognizing a paradigm shift from volume to value printing, we can help our customers’ leverage data-driven marketing to enhance personalization without increasing costs or compromising return on investment. The value of 100% customization and personalized print pieces not only helps make print more relevant to a new generation of customers, brands and marketers, but also positions the future of print as digital, sustainable, innovative and entirely customizable.”

Jake Vasa
Short Elliot Hendrickson

As a whole, business advertising and yearly planning is complex. To help you better prepare for 2024, Jake Vasa, Senior Professional Engineer and Omaha Office Manager at Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH®) (, shed light on how they can help government, industrial and commercial clients find answers to complex problems.

“Our 900-plus employee-owners share a core purpose: Building a Better World for All of Us®. This approach reflects a companywide commitment to improving the quality of life by designing safer, more sustainable infrastructure for government and helping industrial and commercial clients achieve their business goals,” shared Jake.

As an employee-owned engineering, architectural, environmental and planning company, SEH is dedicated to aiding businesses in strengthening their resilience against challenges, from natural disasters to the impacts of climate change and vulnerabilities within existing infrastructure. Their expertise lies in resilience planning, collaborating closely with businesses to develop strategies that ensure structures can withstand these challenges, promoting stability and continuity.

At SEH, their commitment extends beyond conventional services. They strive to equip businesses with forward-thinking solutions that help to ensure adaptability and success. Venturing into 2024, SEH remains dedicated to leveraging its expertise, innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies to support clients in meeting and surpassing their goals while navigating the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Wishing you and your business a fantastic year from all of us at Strictly Business, let’s make 2024 a good one!