West Gate Bank (westgate.bank) relies on over 50 years of experience to provide the personal and commercial banking amenities of a large bank with the outstanding exclusive service of a small one. West Gate Bank is committed to building a strong foundation to serve its communities and empower customers and employees to achieve their dreams.

West Gate Bank is 100% invested in making your community better. Unlike many other banks, West Gate Bank reinvests your deposits back into the community which creates a ripple effect through the local economy.

West Gate Bank and its 220+ employees are proud to serve the Omaha and Lincoln communities in numerous ways that only a locally-owned bank can. West Gate Bank is represented on over 100 local nonprofit boards, charities and other philanthropic activities. Their commitment to leadership and giving back to the community has earned them a number of awards including the Federal Home Loan Bank Community Leader Award and the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award.

What Is a Community Bank?

A community bank is a depository or lending institution that primarily serves businesses and individuals in a geographic area. Community banks tend to emphasize personal relationships with their customers.

As a community bank, West Gate Bank is well positioned to serve its customers and community. They were chartered in 1968 and expect to serve their communities for generations to come.

As an FDIC-insured bank, deposits are automatically insured up to at least $250,000 per depositor and per ownership category (e.g. single, joint, trust, business, employee benefit and certain retirement accounts).

When you are a customer at West Gate Bank, you have access to their experienced team, and they stand ready to assist you at all times with any of your questions or concerns. West Gate Bank takes pride in their relationship-based business model focused on building long-term trust with their customers. After all, they live in your community too, and your success is their success.

Whether it’s your first savings or checking account, or if you’ve decided to establish a vacation savings fund for your 25th wedding anniversary, West Gate Bank has the solution for you. They are happy to educate, consult and celebrate with you along the way!

From Completely Free Checking to savings accounts and CDs, they have the products and services to help you manage your finances. West Gate’s newest account, The Green Account, offers a debit card only account with no risk of an overdraft fee. They also offer mortgage lending, business banking solutions and commercial lending.

At West Gate Bank, their top priority is (and will always be) to operate in a safe and sound manner. Their assets and deposits are diversified across all types of Nebraska businesses, industries and individuals. West Gate’s disciplined risk management processes maintain ample liquidity at all times to fully serve the needs of their customers. They feel blessed to operate in Nebraska where they enjoy a healthy, stable and diversified economy. There is simply no better place for their customers to entrust their deposits. Nebraska community banks are strong and liquid. Despite the headlines, it is business as usual at West Gate Bank.

West Gate Bank® is a family-owned community bank with 11 locations in Lincoln and Omaha.

The newest West Gate Bank branch is now open at 177th and W Maple Rd. in Omaha. This is the fourth location in Omaha for West Gate Bank. The location opened in September. The 7,000-square-foot branch began construction in April, 2021. The location includes a full-service retail branch and drive-thru with Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), as well as commercial lending, mortgage lending and business banking solutions.

Visit westgate.bank for more information.