Tell Van Deeb “It’s not possible” or “You can’t do this” and he won’t tell you he can, instead he will show you. After being a Realtor for 10 years, in 1993 Van decided to open up his own brokerage company with plans of being a small boutique company. Van started DEEB Realty out of his basement with just himself as the only employee. He was told by other real estate company owners not to waste his time–that there wasn’t room for another real estate company in Omaha. That did not intimidate Van and actually, it motivated Van to make his presence known.  Van has always stood by his decision, stating “I didn’t build the company to prove them wrong; I did it to challenge myself.  It was not easy in the beginning convincing buyers and sellers that just because I am a one man show and work out of my basement doesn’t mean I won’t accomplish great results.”

Van is no stranger to success.  Prior to opening DEEB Realty, Van spent 10 years in Dallas as one of the nation’s top realtors. “Selling real estate in my early twenties in a major metropolitan city like Dallas and not knowing anyone was a challenge, however it helped me create an unequalled work ethic which put me on a level playing field,” he said. “I effectively became a household name in Dallas, which made me realize there is nothing I can’t do.”

Van sold DEEB Realty to his long time general manager in January of 2009.  When asked why he sold, Van replied, “I had a great opportunity to gain more freedom, to pursue my speaking career and more entrepreneurial opportunities.  I am extremely grateful for the flawlessly smooth transition with the sale of the company, and I am now able to concentrate on being significant in other people’s lives and help them build successful careers.”  Furthermore, when asked if he missed the real estate business, Van responded with, “I do, and actually at one time thought about building another unique agent oriented company like I did at DEEB, however I feel my God given talents are with building up others. I’ve been there and done that–in three decades of real estate I have either met or exceeded my own personal challenges in that industry.”

While Van was building DEEB Realty he still found time to have a radio show, TV show and write four books. His favorite book so far is Common Sense Selling. “I am very proud of that book because it outlines the blue print of my career in sales,” he fondly recalled. What’s next for Van?  “I’ve enjoyed serving on the Omaha Planning Board since 2009 and my involvements with the city of Omaha.  However, my main objective is to help others become the best they can be. I have lived the statement ‘There is nothing you can’t do’ and feel it is my God given duty to help others accomplish their goals and dreams. Life is not a dress rehearsal. If not you then who, if not now then when!”

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