Jeff Dousharm, owner of seven Tiger Rock Academies, primarily around the Omaha and Lincoln communities, will celebrate 19 years in business this year.  Coming to Lincoln after moving around often through his early years, Dousharm decided to make Nebraska his home.

Soon after moving to Lincoln in 1994, Dousharm opened his first martial arts academy.  The purpose, then and now, for Tiger Rock Academy is to develop healthy lifestyles, positive values and a safer community—one student at a time.  Tiger Rock Academy accomplishes this through teaching TaeKwonDo, Kisado Kickboxing, Personal Safety Seminars, Corporate Wellness Programs, Private Training and other fitness offerings.

What started as a “one man show” is now a team of instructors and staff members who make it happen.  Dousharm has created leadership positions for many.  His top managers and leaders include Michael & Sandy Baluch, Damien Mapel, Beth Leipold, Jason Reed, Dan Goheen, Chris Jackson, and John & Rachel Reeve.  Additionally, there are many other staff and instructors who help carry out the mission and vision of the academies.

Dousharm’s academies survived the economic downturn that hit a few years back where many martial arts and fitness facilities did not.  One of the prime reasons behind this was that the economic pressure really made families think and analyze things before making an investment of time and money.  Tiger Rock Academy’s programs, which have been proven through university studies, stood out to families even more with this additional attention and analysis.  When looking for something that’s more than just hype or what’s just common for others to do, the programs at Tiger Rock Academy provide real and proven benefits for both kids and adults.

At Tiger Rock, all classes are separated by age (Tiger Cubs, Juniors, Youth, Adult).  This helps keep the right class sizes for the certified instructors to teach.  And even more importantly, adults and kids of different ages learn in very much different ways.  So the instructors tailor the class plans to the learning styles of each age group.  Just a few of the proven benefits from their programs include:  fitness, confidence, focus & concentration skills, personal safety/self-defense, anti-bullying, reduced stress, and great cross training for other activities.  So what do all these benefits mean to students and families at Tiger Rock?  It’s simple:  better grades in school, reduced fear of failure that leads to greater accomplishments, healthier lifestyles, more energy to enjoy life, and even higher levels of performance in other sports activities.  Back-to-school time is always one of the biggest times of year when parents start thinking of these things for their kids.  And, when they do, they find that one of the best options to add to their weekly schedule is Tiger Rock Academy.

Today, Dousharm is workinglogo-Tiger-Rock-Martial-Arts-Academy towards establishing a non-profit 501(c)3 that will further serve Nebraska by providing funding and scholarships for kids and adults to engage in mentoring, education, fitness and personal development programs.  He believes if we invest in our people and give greater opportunity, for those who would otherwise have none, to be a part of these things then that investment will pay off for years to come in our community.

For more information on Tiger Rock Academy or Jeff Dousharm, call (402) 334-5425

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