LincTrack, owned and operated by Kelly Jensen, provides GPS tracking solutions that allow business owners to monitor where their employees are when they are driving company vehicles. This helps them better manage their fleets and save money through fuel savings, potential lower insurance costs, improving routing inefficiencies and reducing vehicle wear and tear or unauthorized usage. GPS tracking also helps increase driver safety and helps managers detail exact amount of time spent on a job.

In addition to providing tracking for company vehicles, LincTrack also provides tracking for equipment such as skid steers, Bobcats and tractors. This is helpful for theft prevention as well as for business owners who want to know exactly where all of their equipment is at all times.

LincTrack is excited to be serving the Omaha and Lincoln areas and providing them quality, local customer service. Their cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection so business owners can be connected to their fleets and equipment 24 hours a day. Kelly is available for consultations, questions and on-site problem-solving for all of his customers. This pairing of world-class technology with local customer service is what sets LincTrack apart and makes them the premier choice for business owners who want to improve productivity and safety through GPS technology.

The cover picture of Kelly Jensen was taken at Overhead Door Co. of Omaha, a local company that recently incorporated LincTrack’s GPS services. General Manager Rick Frank said, “We knew it was time to add GPS tracking services to our business when one of our vehicles was stolen right out of our employee’s driveway while he ran in to grab his coffee. We’d been considering it before, but this put us over the edge. The peace of mind this service provides is invaluable, not to mention the money it will save us by optimizing routes and reduced fuel costs.”

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