For nearly 6 years, Doug and Tammie Fitzgerald have helped thousands of people get physically and financially fit around the country.  They get frustrated watching people struggle with their health and worry about making ends meet with their money.  That’s why they teamed up with Team Beachbody to provide proven tools to help people succeed with their fitness and finances.

Doug and Tammie are the owners of Fitzgerald Fitness, Inc. and are Independent Team Beachbody Coaches.  They help people get physically fit through their diet and exercise with over 130 at-home workout programs like P90X, Insanity, 10-Minute Trainer, Turbo Jam, Les Mills “Pump”, Brazil Butt Lift, and our latest Body Beast!  They also represent Beachbody’s premium line of supplements like Shakeology, Ultimate Reset, the P90X Performance Supplements and the latest Extreme Nutrition line.

Customers who purchase any product through Fitzgerald Fitness, Inc. receive them as their FREE personal coaches to help them utilize the programs and supplements.  Customers have access to them to ask questions, provide accountability, and build a relationship.

The Fitzgeralds pride themselves on providing honest, upfront, and personal service to their customers and business associates. They work hard at understanding their health and fitness goals, providing them with the right programs and supplements for them to be successful.  They tell the truth about what it means to be healthy and fit.  “In order to be healthy and fit, you must eat right and exercise.

There are no magic pills, potions, shakes, or machines that can do that for you!”

They are also looking for others who want to help us End The Trend® of obesity and start their own successful Independent Team Beachbody business.  To date, they have helped over 18,000 people do just that.  Their business model of helping and serving people first has allowed many people to achieve the goals and dreams that they have always had for themselves and their families.

“I’m tired of helping my boss/company achieve their dreams while I work my tail off barely making ends meet!”  This is a phrase and feeling that Doug and Tammie have heard over and over from people around the country.  That’s why they have teamed up with a trusted and proven company like Team Beachbody to help people get out of that rut and take true control of their lives.

The Fitzgeralds are currently looking to expand their business in the Omaha area and would love for you to join their team.

So if you are interested in getting physically fit with their programs/supplements, and/or, would like to learn more about Fitzgerald Fitness, Inc., please go to or you can call them at 402-318-2134.  You can also email them at

UPDATE:  Doug & Tammie are excited to announce that they are bringing Shaun T, creator of Insanity, Asylum, and Hip Hop Abs to Lincoln, NE on March 2nd.  The last time they brought him to Lincoln the event sold out.  So contact them TODAY to reserve your spot to work out with Shaun T.


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