The Strictly Business ( team is excited for another year of serving our clients, readers and friends! Most of all, we’re looking forward to all the new businesses and organizations we’ll have the opportunity to partner with in 2024. If you’re goals include increasing profitability, credibility, likability and your online presence, it’s time to call us!

What makes Strictly Business so strong as a marketing tool is our ability to tell your story in a variety of unique, engaging and informative ways. With an undeniable reach spanning across print, online and social media platforms, our approach ensures maximum visibility for your brand. Our online presence utilizes strategic back linking to drive traffic directly to your website, enhancing your SEO and effectively channeling potential customers through your sales funnel.

Plus, you’ll also be impressed with our team. We are small but mighty, and we’re 100% dedicated to giving our advertisers the best experience possible. Pair all this with our longevity in the marketplace and reputation of being a champion of local business, we hope you consider Strictly Business for your 2024 marketing plan.

Four Reasons to Partner with Strictly Business

Storytelling – Strictly Business does an amazing job of telling stories and presenting people as the local experts in their fields. We have three news sections dedicated to covering announcements in Omaha: Business News, Personnel News and Nonprofit News. We also have the River City Sixes each month. These are fun, get-to-know-you columns that help put a face and personal touch to the business name. In addition, full-page Client Spotlights give a more in-depth look into a business’s history and mission. Finally, our editorial calendar is packed with stories that cover a wide range of industries. In the stories, we interview representatives from local businesses to get their expert advice on the topics.

Our Reach and Readership – Strictly Business is directly mailed to over 15,000 businesses in Omaha every month. When you factor in our pass-along readership, we estimate that one copy of the magazine can reach at least five people. Who are these people? They are the decision makers at their businesses and the city’s biggest consumers. We also hand-distribute hundreds of copies to high-traffic locations in the city each month. Additionally, our website and social media accounts connect with readers from anywhere at any time.

Our Team – Strictly Business is made up of a small-but-mighty team of talented and dedicated individuals. Paige and Shayne Zutavern, who started the company in 1993, are still actively involved in the magazine’s production today. The staff includes Shae Withington, who is the Writer and Editor; Devan Kirkpatrick, who is the Art Director; and Kacey Rusell, our Director of Operations. We always go the extra mile to make sure our clients feel that they are receiving the most value out of their campaign. We’re proud to say that many of our clients have become our close friends.
Our Reputation – For 16 years, Strictly Business has built a reputation for providing Omaha with reliable and relevant news. We’ve had many advertisers stick with us for 10+ years. These long-term relationships give us much pride. We are also known for being active in the community. You won’t just see the magazine around, you’ll see our faces at events and at the businesses we work with!


Let us help you grow your business! Connect with us online at, via email at or give us a call at (402) 466-3330.