Scantron Technology Solutions – There’s a New Cyber-Sheriff in Town!

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There’s a New Cyber-Sheriff in Town!

Look out cyber attackers, there’s a new sheriff in town! Arturo Romero has joined Scantron Technology Solutions (STS) as a senior security engineer. Arturo brings with him his experience at PayPal, where he mastered the art of proactive security, and from serving the Nebraska National Guard as a defensive cybersecurity operator. He is excited to be a part of the expert Scantron team that provides cybersecurity services to its clients here in Omaha and throughout the country.

Arturo takes a keen interest in validating and testing the integrity of security functions and mitigations in high-stakes operational environments. His stance ensures that STS clients catch and manage shortcomings in security measures before malicious actors can take advantage of them.

“In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with cybersecurity incidents ranging from phishing email scams, to ransomware infections, to highly sophisticated government-sponsored attacks. As these events continue to increase in frequency, and the ingenuity of those attempting to gain our information change, how can you adapt to this ever changing landscape? At Scantron Technology Solutions, we know that cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. With so much information being stored and shared across systems in organizations, it is imperative that organizations continually reassess their security practices and procedures to ensure they are providing due diligence to keep the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their data at a high level,” Arturo states. “To have a successful cybersecurity program, you must determine your threats, assets, and vulnerabilities. Doing so will provide you with a guiding star to develop a cybersecurity program to meet today’s world.”

Arturo and Scantron’s cyber security team created a Managed Security Services suite, a set of comprehensive environmental assessment, strategic planning, exhaustive policy review, and continuous monitoring solutions that help you reduce risk and improve security. Whether you are looking to supplement your organization’s current security infrastructure, or you’ve identified a need for security, STS’s Managed Security Services suite is there to meet you at your organizational and operational needs.

Scantron measures and improves the security of your entire IT environment, all security policies and procedures, and all regulatory requirements through the lenses of both an external security and compliance examination and an internal operational and budgetary stance.

With decades of experience in serving highly-regulated industries, Arturo and the entire team of in-house experts stay current on the latest threats, the most effective devices and software, and the best methods to mitigate risk.

Thanks to Scantron’s new cybersecurity sheriff and his posse, customers across the country know that STS continuously protects their data against current and future threats.

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