October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so it’s a perfect time to talk about one of Omaha’s best technology security companies – Scantron Technology Solutions (STS, stsit.com).

STS provides a variety of cybersecurity services including vulnerability assessment, threat detection, security awareness training, password management/multi-factor authentication, next-gen anti-virus, firewall management and more.

STS works with companies of all sizes, from large corporations to small businesses and can provide value ranging from comprehensive network and security management to out-sourced point solutioins such as print management.

“Regardless of customer size or vertical, good security posture really depends on prudent management of fundamental concepts such as user training, regular assessment, active threat detection, perimeter management, access management, patching and other basic network principles,” said Vern Kathol, VP of Solutions.

Vern’s responsibilities include the evolution of service offerings and making sure their services align with market needs. This is why STS partners with the top security firms out there. These firms provide the platform that monitors the security posture for Scantron’s customers.

“We’re making sure we’re staying on the ‘Bleeding Edge’ of security platforms, evolving from the past age of run-of-the-mill antivirus with next-gen security, constant monitoring, and sorting of threats,” said Vern. “At Scantron Technology Solutions, we build, partner, and acquire to expand services.”

STS strives to be pro-active rather than reactive in the security industry. Everything revolves around technology, so most companies are in need the proper controls. STS can assess, make recommendations and provide the tools and support a business needs to stay secure.

“As an IT solutions provider, we have a broad view of IT and security challenges,” said Vern. “We’ve created solution packages that bring in a standard set of security solutions that a customer needs in a modern IT department.”

STS knows the importance of having multiple solutions to their customers’ security issues.

“We really listen to our customers’ needs and wants,” said Marquise Davis, Manager of Cybersecurity Services. “It’s important to understand what their end-goals are so that we can provide the right feedback. Good security strategy is a partnership between the customer and a solution provider like Scantron Technology Solutions. At the end of the day, our customers dictate the market, so we need to meet them where they are.”

The biggest mistake a business can make is thinking that an IT and/or cybersecurity issue won’t affect them.

“A lot of businesses don’t think it’ll happen to them, small businesses especially,” said Michelle Travis, Director of Marketing. “You hear about all these corporations getting hacked, but it happens to small businesses just as often—it’s just not publicized to the same degree, so many think they can go without.”

You don’t have to change your business model or increase your IT staff level or administrative overhead. Through STS’s fixed-cost, full-service support model, you can tap a responsive team of experts who share your goals for security, performance, and availability.

You can trust your core productivity applications to Scantron as well. They are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a leading implementer of Microsoft Office 365. With STS’s customized affianceSUITE solutions, they offer the support you need for on-premise or cloud-based IT infrastucture and related security concerns.