3 Risk Management Opportunities for Omaha Employers

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As the business and insurance landscape continues to evolve and change, employers must continuously reevaluate their risk management plan and insurance coverage. The following are three risk mitigation opportunities for Omaha employers.

1. Cyber Security
As large companies are beginning to get serious about data security, small businesses without the big-company security infrastructure are becoming increasingly attractive targets—and the results are growing as more and more businesses fall prey to cyber attacks and cyber criminals are becoming more aggressive.
Cyber insurance is a crucial coverage for any modern-day business to mitigate this risk and reduce the potential detrimental impacts a cyber attack can have. Additionally, cyber insurance should be paired with a cyber security program.
2. Association Health Plans
Association health plans can be a valuable option for employers, allowing them the ability to offer affordable health insurance coverage on terms similar to those currently available only to large employers. By pooling together, employers are better positioned to obtain more affordable health insurance coverage due to economies of scale, managing savings, and distributing risk.3. Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance
The ACA is here to stay, and along with it comes the evolving complexity and costly compliance risk with not reporting or reporting inaccurately. Employers are responsible for filing with the IRS, offering health care coverage that meets the affordability standard, and providing health care coverage that meets minimum essential coverage requirements.
The process is complicated but with the right compliance support partner and solutions, employers are able to easily track, report, and help eliminate the risk of noncompliance.

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North Risk Partners can provide solutions in all three of these areas.

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