Edward Lankas and Nanette Gingery of NEXT STEP Coaching (nextstepcoaching.com) are life-long learners who are passionate about personal growth and self-development.  Their personal journeys of growth and success awakened a passion for sharing with their clients the power of possibilities, purpose, dreams, and living into one’s vision.  As licensed psychotherapists, Nanette and Ed have been helping people change their lives and achieve beyond their expectations for years.  Becoming professional coaches and working with individuals and organizations who want to achieve their full potential was a natural fit for them.

The two studied with Maria Nemeth, Ph. D. the founder of the Academy of Coaching Excellence (ACE), an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited school.  ICF’s core purpose is to advance the art, science, and practice of professional coaching for its over 20,000 members.  There is a specific learning model associated with coaching, and it is important to utilize a coach who has been properly trained and has already proven their competency through an accredited schools rigorous training program.  Part of our job as coaches is to help educate people about what coaching is and what coaching is not so they can choose wisely, spend wisely, and receive maximum results.

Coaching is not mentoring, consulting, or counseling.  Coaching is collaborating with clients to identify their purpose, vision, and goals, while creating awareness about self-limiting beliefs and possibilities for their personal and professional lives. Coaches draw out the best from their clients and then support them toward achieving their goals.

Choosing a professional coach can be compared to choosing whether to hire a dentist or a carpenter to work on your teeth.  Although they both know how to use a drill, one is trained and qualified to be working on your teeth.  Working with you – YOUR LIFE, YOUR GOALS, and YOUR DREAMS – should not be taken lightly.  After all, you can replace your teeth, but you only have one life to create.

Edward Lankas and Nanette Gingery are also certified Founding Partners of the John Maxwell Team who specialize in leadership coaching, speaking, and training.  They work with organizations to develop leaders, create corporate cultures, and develop healthy working teams through education and coaching.  Nanette and Ed ward are currently taking new coaching clients and are available for Lunch and Learns, workshops/seminars, speaking engagements, and training.

For more information about NEXT STEP Coaching, please visit them online at www.nextstepcoaching.com.