The Markel family has been in business for over 100 years and we base that longevity on the fact that we have learned to listen to our customers.  Many of our customers have told us that they do not like the gimmicks and the games that other dealers play.  Specifically, the back and forth negotiations and the time that it takes to get to the bottom line.  At the Markel Automotive Group we are raising the standards of how you should be treated during the car purchasing experience.

When you look around our inventory you will notice that each and every vehicle has the Markel Best Price posted clearly on the windshield of each and every vehicle in our inventory, both on our New Car side as well as our Pre-Owned vehicles.  Essentially we have pre-negotiated the price of the vehicle for you, taking out all the gimmicks and games that most traditional dealerships play.

Another way that we do things differently at the Markel Automotive Group is the way our Client Advisors are paid.  Instead of being paid purely on a sale commission basis, our Client Advisors are paid a small commission on the sale of each vehicle but the largest portion of their pay is based on Customer Satisfaction.  So the way that you are treated and served while making the purchase decision has a direct impact on their pay.  This allows them to act as a resource and a guide for you to help you find the vehicle that best fits what you are looking for in a new vehicle.

markel logos omaha nebraskaIn addition to this, we will also separate the transactions of purchasing your new vehicle as well as the trade-in transaction.  Instead of giving you an inflated trade allowance as most dealerships do, we will give you an offer-to-purchase for the true market value of your vehicle, allowing you to know exactly what you are paying for your new vehicle, with no hidden documentation fees, as well as what we are willing to pay you for your trade-in vehicle.

We feel this is a better way to do business and we know you will enjoy the experience of doing business with the Markel Automotive Group.

Stop by and see us and see what the Markel Advantage can do for you!


716 N. 102nd Street