TradeGamz ( works with educators and professionals in every industry to share their knowledge with students to help them choose a career. With professional insight and guidance, the students and job seekers will be able to identify their areas of interest and connect directly with their future career.

Each group plays a different but important role:

Students, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do after high school. Don’t worry, TradeGamz is here to help! TradeGamz was created for you as a free tool to help you find your career interests. TradeGamz works with educators and professionals to show you what every career does, and then show you how to get there.

8-12 Educators now have a free tool to help give each student a unique career exploration experience. Create your own profile and get involved. The more time students spend exploring their options, the clearer their interests will become. Guidance counselors, educators and parents will have the insight needed to help students take the next step in their journey.

Businesses, the community has heard your concerns about the emerging workforce. TradeGamz built the platform and now needs your help! Create your business profile and share with students the best information you can for the purpose of helping them find a career path. Show them through photos and videos what you do, why you do it and how you do it so they can see firsthand what your career is all about. Your message will be delivered to students and job seekers that have identified your career as their interest and want to learn more. This will serve as a perpetual introduction of you and your business to students and other pros, so make your message amazing.

Colleges and Universities, let TradeGamz help you find students that are aligned with your programs. Use TradeGamz to explain to them how best to prepare for college and what to expect when they get there. Show off your campus, activities and events. Let the students hear from past and current students along with the professors about how to prepare for class and what to expect from each degree. When the student is ready, they can send their TradeGamz profile to your admissions team for initiating contact.

Parents, TradeGamz knows that helping your kids make one of the biggest decisions of their lives, selecting a career, can be stressful. TradeGamz was created for the purpose of helping your kids identify their career interests while in high school and showing them all the possible paths to get to the next step of their journey, whether that be college or straight into a career.

If successful in their mission, TradeGamz hopes to see:

  • Lower college dropout rates leading to higher college graduation rates.
  • Less time spent between high school and a career which could reduce student loan debt.
  • Reduced emotional toll caused by the uncertainty of not knowing what career to pursue.
  • A better positioned and more engaged emerging workforce.

This will take all of us working together, so get started today at

TradeGamz takes privacy and safety seriously and follows guidelines set forth by FERPA, COPPA and GDPR as it relates to collecting, storing, displaying and removing personal information.