Burns & McDonnell (burnsmcd.com) is a local, employee-owned company that strives for a work environment that promotes a good attitude and a higher level of care towards their work. At Burns & McDonnell, they’re unique in that every employee is an owner, not just a select group. Every employee is working together to make clients successful.

One of the things that makes Burns & McDonnell’s team amazing is their work ethic and willingness to step up to get a job done while having a sense of humor. Whether it is project work or items around the office, their team is willing to pitch in and get their hands dirty. The joke, “Be safe Mac & Burns,” stems from the COVID-19 pandemic during a cameo with David Hasselhoff in which he reversed Burns & Mac during his talk. Though many of the jokes around the office aren’t remembered at the end of the day, this one continues to be used. Overall, the office is somewhat of a Seinfeld episode; they do their work, they joke and have sidebars and at the end of the day, the atmosphere of the office makes them want to come back to work to see what the next Seinfeld episode will bring.

Their office has truly caring individuals who take pride in their work and helping others. They consider themselves stewards of our community, giving back however they can, including providing grant dollars for STEM programs and volunteering their time. The team at Burns & McDonnell knows that what they do makes a difference in the world. Their projects matter in everyday life, as they are the foundation for the roads we drive on and the water we drink. From scientists to construction professionals to engineers, their Omaha office serves a variety of clients like MidAmerican Energy, MUD and Nebraska Department of Transportation. Burns & McDonnell truly works collaboratively and has the resources in many areas of expertise to give clients what they need as efficiently as possible.

Energy Generation and Distribution by revenue are a top priority for the Omaha office of Burns & McDonnell. Currently, Burns & McDonnell is working with MidAmerican Energy and Omaha Public Power District on several projects. Their environmental team is one of their largest in employee-owners because the environmental team touches almost every single project in this day and age.

Although they are a smaller office, they have personnel from most all of the markets they serve nationally, making them one of the most diverse offices in the company. Diversity, when paired with efficient knowledge sharing, is invaluable when solving project challenges.

Burns & McDonnell recently expanded into a new space to the south of their original office. In doing so, they added workstations for 24 employee-owners as well as a wellness room, collaboration area and included the existing conference room and kitchen area. The expansion provided room for those who were hired during the pandemic to have space in the office, as well as provided additional workstations for future employees. They are committed to Omaha and to being a partner in the community that brings workforce development to our home and their new space supports that goal.

As a family of companies bringing together an unmatched team of engineers, construction and craft professionals, architects and more that care about client success, Burns & McDonnell is proud to be serving the Omaha community. To learn more, visit burnsmcd.com.