In today’s business landscape, getting attention from the right audience so your business can grow is an ever-evolving challenges.

Questions such as:

• Are traditional marketing channels still relevant, or should we shift our focus entirely to digital marketing?
• How can we use data to better understand our customers’ preferences and behaviors?
• What new marketing channels should we consider reaching our audience effectively?
• Are there reliable sources of information to guide our marketing decisions?
• What ethical considerations should we keep in mind when using customer data?
• How can we align our marketing with our customers’ values while achieving our business goals?

…. plus, many more, often come up.

Over eighteen years ago Joel Buhr, started First Direct ( in a small home office that is now his daughter’s bedroom and embarked on the mission to help businesses find the right data driven solutions in marketing. This humble beginning was the inception of a family run business that is making a significant impact in the business landscape today helping brands such as Panda Express, Scooters Coffee, and many other nationally known household brands find the right solutions. Our team has grown from our humble home office start to a secure 3,000 sq foot office space in the USA, with employees that span the globe.

Their approach at First Direct is centered around data-driven strategies, ensuring solid attribution and tailored solutions for each unique business need. This method is not merely about chasing trends; it’s about informed decision-making based on real-world data, precisely customized to each client’s requirements across all marketing channels such as Digital, Direct Mail, TV and more.

When you collaborate with First Direct, you’re not just choosing a marketing agency; you’re forming a partnership with a team deeply invested in your distinct story. They take pride in being an extension of your business, committed to your success.

From their modest beginnings to establishing themselves as an expert in the marketing industry, First Direct’s journey is a testament to their dedication and expertise. They look forward to many more years of remarkably impacting the growth and success of businesses both in Omaha, and Globally.

They would love to bring your business vision to life, ensuring that each marketing effort contributes directly to your growth.

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