As the financial world grows more complicated for businesses, it pays to work with a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional. It’s even better to have a whole team.

Pinnacle Bank’s ( Treasury Management team works closely with local businesses to ensure even their most unique banking needs are met.

Meet the Team

With years of industry experience, local businesses can be assured that they are well cared for when they work with Pinnacle Bank’s Treasury Management Team.

  • Regina Quint, Vice President, Treasury Management, 35 years of experience
  • Ann Glinski, Vice President, Treasury Management, 21 years of experience
  • Jill Govier, Vice President, Treasury Management, 18 years of experience
  • Ryan Boyer, Treasury Management Officer, 4 years of experience
  • Brenda Ahlers, Assistant Vice President, Treasury Manager, 2 years of experience
  • Sarah Walton, Commercial Services Assistant, 18 years of experience
  • Treasury Management Assistants: Sara Demanett and Delaney Haver

Pinnacle Bank offers a comprehensive suite of treasury management services. From payment collection and fraud prevention to payroll and point-of-sale solutions, they have options available for businesses, big and small. Plus, they have online banking services that make managing accounts in the office and on the go easier.

Their newest treasury management offerings were introduced in May: ZEscrow and ZRent.

“Our integrations with ZSuite simplify the subaccounting and payment collection process,” Ryan Boyer explained, “These solutions are a great complement to our existing banking tools.”

ZEscrow is a digital escrow and subaccounting solution. It is specifically useful for businesses that need help maintaining a complex workflow.

ZRent is an automated rent collection portal that is great for businesses that need to manage recurring fee or rent collection.

While they offer many banking product solutions, one of the main things that sets Pinnacle Bank’s Treasury Management team apart is their customer service.

Ann Glinski described their approach as “high tech with a high touch.”

“We take pride in the communities we serve and the products and services we offer. Our customer service is second to none,” said Jill Govier.

Whether businesses want to streamline their cash flow, optimize their liquidity, or mitigate their risks, Pinnacle Bank’s Treasury Management team is always ready to provide local businesses with the right solutions with their customer-centered approach.

To learn more about Pinnacle Bank’s Treasury Management offerings, visit or stop by a local branch.