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When Shana Boyd and David Distefano started Eleven Twenty-Three (www.11twentythree.com) in the summer of 2013, their goal was to take a two-person startup and grow it into an agency with a uniquely talented, high-achieving staff. They wanted to take their knowledge in the media and creative universe and provide the very best for their clients’ brands.

The name of the game for Boyd and Distefano has always been dedication to versatility and service. Their 20+ client roster includes everything from large national franchises to smaller local brands and runs the gamut of company size and industries.

“When we started,” explains Distefano, the agency’s creative director and partner, “we were two people with a diverse set of knowledge in a ton of different industries. We opened with exactly one client on the roster and a dream. We had big ideas for each brand we met with–and bigger ideas for some we hadn’t quite spoken to yet! We started to figure out there were a lot of areas where we could help companies be more creative and efficient with their ad dollars, even suggesting operational adjustments when we saw the need. We’ve shown each client our dedication to making their brand successful and recognizable, and I think that’s how we’ve been able to grow. We meet brands where they are and they appreciate that.”

Eleven Twenty-Three works together with clients on consumer behavior research, smart campaign strategies, creative development and production. And they do it all in-house with a team that clients have access to from the start. Shana Boyd, account director and partner, explains:

“When you call to talk to us about your project, you’re talking to the team working on it, so you can rest assured your brand is a priority. No matter where you are in the growth or development of your brand, our team can help you create a plan for success and help you stick to it. We’ve helped businesses increase their visibility by strategically creating and placing campaigns as well as keeping up on what’s happening as the campaign progresses. With all the platforms out there, it really helps that we keep on top of analytics and response, and our clients really appreciate that.”

Staying flexible and following the data has always meant success for Eleven Twenty-Three. “When it comes to advertising, we know changing directions isn’t always easy,” says Boyd. “The process can be strenuous and sometimes it’s easy to just keep doing what’s always been done. But is that the right thing to do? Does the same old approach get more sales by drawing new customers in and engaging them with your brand? It takes bravery to look at your brand and say, ‘No, it’s time to change it up.’ And that’s why we’re here.

Eleven Twenty-Three, housed in the heart of Ralston, focuses on traditional and digital media planning, event promotions, creative and social media development, and even boasts on-site video production capabilities.

Learn more about Eleven Twenty-Three at www.11twentythree.com or feel free to contact the team directly at (402) 593-1123. You can also stay connected with Eleven Twenty-Three on all of your favorite social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo!

W: 11TwentyThree.com    |    P: 402.593.1123    |    A: 7520 Burlington Street / Ralston, NE 



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