Shayne Zutavern (, a Farm and Ranch Real Estate Agent for SE Nebraska, is prepared to help turn your farm land into cash. Not only is he equipped to handle land sale from start to finish, but to help you become more aware of exactly what to expect.

“It’s an honor to work at BigIron Realty and help families navigate the decision to sell their farm ground and delivering the highest possible price. BigIron Realty has over 499,285 active registered bidders on our Online Auction Platform, and what that means to you is we will deliver bidders/buyer from right next door, to investors from across the state. No other local farm real estate company has that many bidders ready to bid. None. When you use a competitive auction you can expect consistent over-the-top results for your farm sale – results that you cannot get with just listing your farm. Additionally, when you use an auction, you decide the day of your sale and the day you’ll get your money.”

When selling your land, take the extra time to do some research. Don’t get in a hurry to get it sold – the market is always changing, and potential buyers are always looking.

One of the first steps is talking to your banker, financial advisor, lawyer, friends and then ask them, “Who is the best?” Taking their opinions into consideration, also watch your mailbox for newspapers, flyers and postcards marketing real estate services. You want someone who’s very good at marketing, because that’s a critical skill in getting your farm sold. Once you have a few farm real estate companies in mind, interview them all. Have at least three different agents pitch you their company and services. By having each agent explain the services, their marketing approach and how they will help you, you will be able to determine which real estate company will deliver the best results for you and your family.

Before fully committing, attend an auction event to see how everything unfolds. If you can, talk to the seller for their first-hand experience. It can also be helpful to speak to previous clients of the company you are leaning towards. Taking these extra steps can make a world of difference for your overall selling experience.

On the financial side, don’t use the commission rate as your sole decision-making criteria. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. If you aren’t sure exactly what your land is worth, search

online for other farms for sale in your area, watch for land sale ads in your mailbox and look up the recent selling history for land in your area. Most importantly, discuss it with the real estate agent you decide to sell with. They will have the most insight into the market.

Shayne Zutavern is here to help you get the most for your land. He wants you to have a great selling experience and walk away with as much money as possible. Call Shayne today for a Broker’s Price Opinion on your farm – a $1,750 value for FREE. Shayne is 100% invested in your success.