Where do you go for help when you’re starting a new business or are trying to grow your existing one?Omaha business owners now have a new unique resource to turn to and its name accurately describes what you’ll find…BLEND.


Per the website, www.OmahaBlend.com, Blend is a compendium of professional resources for the Omaha entrepreneur. Blend is literally “a blend” of some of the best firms in Omaha that can assist business owners with all of the services they need to succeed: accounting, banking and financial, legal, technology, marketing and communications, and more.

Blend was developed by Bland & Associates, PC as a way to “package” the relationships the accounting firm has formed over its 30+ years in business. Jeremy Vokt, one of the firm’s three partners, describes it this way, “We already serve as a trusted business partner for our clients. They come to us for advice on everything: who to use for legal services, what to do about IT support, how to market their products and services. We serve as their single-source solution. In fact, our tagline is Beyond Accounting. Blend simply solidifies and brands that concept and also allows our trusted partners to share in our market space to the benefit of the business owner.”

Chip Thompson, who helped Jeremy’s team develop the organization adds, “Bland is unique because of how the firm approaches customer service. When business owners are shopping accounting firms they’ll see that with Bland, there really IS a difference. By connecting a business owner with a recognized, trusted network of providers, Bland is offering an incredible incentive to the savvy entrepreneur to do business with them…because it makes the most sense.”

“Businesses need accounting. They need business loans and banking solutions. They need legal and financial planning support. They need someone to set up and maintain their computer networks. They need database programming and ways to market their products and services. Within Blend, they will find professional, market-proven partners for all of those needs,” says Vokt. “I can’t think of a better way to add value to the services we offer our clients. By giving them access to partners who have excellent reputations in the market, they won’t have to be concerned about ‘who to use and will they deliver.’ We’ve done the due diligence for them.”

The website details the specific services each of the partner firms brings to Blend, along with contact information. Soon, partner video profiles will be added for an interactive touch.

The professional firms that make up Blend are: Abrahams Kaslow & Cassman LLP, Bank of the West, Bland & Associates, P.C., Chip Thompson Design & Marketing, Feltz WealthPLAN, Parsonage Vandenack Williams LLC, REDiTech, Renaissance Financial, Strictly Business Magazine, and Volano Solutions.

For more information, visit the website: www.OmahaBlend.com or contact Jeremy Vokt at 402.397.8822 or Chip Thompson at 402.502.1499

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