For 20 years, supporting businesses has been ALLO’s business. For ALLO (, success means expanding its footprint to enhance economic development and providing career opportunities for its employees. They started small with only four employees and now have a regional fiber network supported by over 1,400 team members.

ALLO operates in 38 communities across Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona and is currently building all-fiber networks in Papillion, La Vista, Gretna, and Ralston. Fiber delivers the speed, reliability, and 24/7 support your business needs to move forward in a connected and fast-paced world.

ALLO Business services are available across Omaha metro, providing award-winning technology that works for your business. ALLO Business offers technology solutions and cybersecurity with the following products.

  • Next-Gen Firewall: Comprehensive cybersecurity and enterprise security solutions that protect your business 24/7 beyond a traditional firewall. ALLO’s Next Gen Firewall provides deep-packet inspection, intrusion prevention (IPS), advanced malware detection, and application control to ensure comprehensive security. With conventional firewalls, hackers can hide malware inside application traffic, where they can go unnoticed. However, ALLO’s Next Gen Firewall can detect such threats, keeping your organization safe from potential breaches.
  • Technology Solutions: Simplify IT management with proactive and planned solutions with a strong emphasis on cybersecurity solutions. Fully comprehend your business objectives and align technology and security to support those goals. Our services help you save time, reduce costs, and minimize the complexity of IT management.
  • Feature-Rich Vice Solutions: With a Cloud voice telephone system from ALLO, you get features that will keep your customers and employees happy – savings, scalability, secure connectivity, and more.
  • Microsoft Teams Voice: Communications solutions in one space. Use Microsoft Teams as your phone system and have one-stop for calls, documents, and calendars. Allowing your team to engage, chat, and collaborate effectively from anywhere.

They look forward to many more years of progress and development in the Omaha area. Reach out to learn more about the all-fiber network in Gretna, La Vista, Papillion, and Ralston and ALLO Business technology solutions across the Omaha metro. The fiber future is bright, and ALLO Business is excited to be future-proofing businesses in the Omaha area.

Your ALLO Team