ActionCOACH ( is a team of committed, positive, and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integral, and honest. They work within their 14 Points of Culture to make sure that everyone who touches or is touched by the ActionCOACH team will benefit greatly and, in some way, move closer to their goals.

ActionCOACH is the best business investment you will ever make.


By showing business owners how to get more time, build better teams within their companies, and increase money to their bottom-line, ActionCOACH has grown to be the number one business coaching firm in the world, with hundreds of proven systems and strategies that are guaranteed to get results.


Webinars, videos, whitepapers, seminars…just to name a few are available as free resources for any business in need. ActionCOACH supports business education and offers tools to help any business be more successful.


ActionCOACH promises to find cashflow in your company to cover coaching costs within four months of starting coaching—or we will coach you free until we do. We have programs for any size business in any industry.


Your ActionCOACH will learn your business inside and out, and and guide you to build a business that works for you. Your ActionCOACH will help you get clarity in where you want your business to go, develop plans to get there and meet regularly with you to hold you accountable to work your plan.

Jim Barger started ActionCOACH in Omaha over 12 years ago. Jim purchased the New Zealand development rights for Burger King and built 60 restaurants in six years, doing $100 million in annual revenue while employing 3,000 employees and 350 managers. After seven years, he walked away from the day-to-day operations and enjoyed a business that worked without him. As an ActionCOACH Business Coach, Jim can show you how to do amazing things with your business and build a business that provides passive income or enables you to sell your business for a premium price.

Additional certified coaches on the ActionCOACH Omaha team include: Michael McKee and Don Dotson.

Your first consultation is free…so schedule a session with one of these experienced and passionate business coaches, or checkout upcoming seminars, programs, and events online.

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