A Successful Partnership Between The Nebraska Bankers Association And Five Nines

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A Successful Partnership Between The Nebraska Bankers Association And Five Nines

A Letter From James Bowen, Founder Of Five Nines

Dear Strictly Business readers,

The Nebraska Bankers Association (NBA) and Five Nines (GoNines.com) formed an official relationship in 2016. With a growing number of banks partnering with Five Nines for their Managed IT Services, we knew that a successful partnership with the NBA would help us best serve our financial clients. We wanted to be in a position to better understand the current and future needs of financial institutions in Nebraska and to further develop our expertise to serve them. We are grateful to the NBA for that engagement and for their leadership to financial organizations throughout Nebraska.

Five Nines was founded nearly 12 years ago as a result of two individuals, running small outsourced IT services companies, deciding to join forces. I’d have to give Nick Bock credit for making this happen; he got me on board by beating me at a bid we both wanted and using that opportunity to get my attention. After we sat down and discovered we were both after the same thing, both cared about clients and service the same way, and both wanted to create a pure Managed IT Services company, we created Five Nines.

Five Nines has since become the largest independently-owned Managed IT Services company in Nebraska, with offices in Lincoln, Omaha and Kearney. We are unique in that Managed IT Services is all we do. For many other companies in our field providing IT Support is a secondary pursuit, while for us 100% of our focus is dedicated towards being the best outsourced IT department we can be. In fact, our name, Five Nines is in direct reference to 99.999% UPTIME, which is our mission as a business. We even measure this, as we track every outage and our response to them in great detail so that we can improve operations and avoid future disruptions for our clients. As I’m writing this letter, our actual statistical UPTIME across our client base is 99.99850%.

Financial institutions are a perfect match for our business model and mission, as banks have to be available 24/7 for their clients. This means their technology backbone has to be rock solid and their IT Services partner has to be organized and reliable. Five Nines has invested heavily in our IT best practices, security practices, and business continuity for our clients, and we continue to reinvest in our future as Nebraska’s best MSP.

If you’re a member of the Nebraska Banker’s Association, or a client of Five Nines, thank you for supporting this partnership. If you’re in the market for a successful IT Services Partnership, or are someone looking for a career in the technology services field, I welcome you to visit us at GoNines.com.

Thank you,

James Bowen | CEO – Five Nines




Omaha Office: 11602 West Center Road, Suite 300
Phone: 402.253.0990 | Email: Omaha@GoNines.com

Lincoln Office: 5617 Thompson Creek Blvd
Phone: 402.817.2630 | Email: Lincoln@GoNines.com

Kearney Office: 5609 First Avenue, Suite A-1
Phone: 308.455.4000 | Email: Kearney@GoNines.com


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