For those of you just now following my journey through the Leadership Acceleration Program or LEAP, it is a 12-month leadership program for individuals passionate about being leaders and reaching the potential in themselves and others. This program is designed to ensure high performance through monthly, half-day skill building workshops; individual personalized coaching and confidential peer interaction. Provided is comprehensive materials and preparation, high-energy and experiential curriculum, reflection and self-discovery time, individual development planning and so much more.

This month was our final meeting of the 12-month series. Hard to believe it has already come, however I wouldn’t say “to the end,” but to a new beginning. It is difficult for me to put into words what I have gained from this program. From growing into a person whom feels truly confident in their skin and equipped with the right tools to become GREAT, to establishing some of the most incredible bonds with individuals I equally admire and have learned so much from, All I can say is, there are certain opportunities in life you cannot afford to let get away, and the LEAP program, without any hesitation, is one of them if you want to be a part of something truly life changing. You have to experience for yourself!

If you would like more information on LEAP, please contact Nikki Ellison, Certified Executive Coach at or 402.884.7300. Or visit Ellison Partners online at