For those of you just now following my journey through the Leadership Acceleration Program or LEAP, this is going to be a 12-month leadership program for individuals passionate about being leaders and reaching the potential in themselves and others. This program will ensure high performance through monthly, half-day skill building workshops; individual personalized coaching and confidential peer interaction. Provided is comprehensive materials and preparation, high-energy and experiential curriculum, reflection and self-discovery time, individual development planning and so much more.

Since the last entry of my journey through the LEAP program, I discussed my goal of choosing small, targeted areas to focus on in which I’m looking to create a massive, positive ripple effect throughout my paradigm. Though what I have already worked on has been great, I realized I needed to back up a moment, that I didn’t have my core as solid as I wanted it. I realized I needed to work on setting up a routine.  Now this was a hard realization for me as I am a person who typically flies by the seat of my pants and pretty much “wings” everything because, to me, routines lead to ruts and who wants boring?! However, there is so much I want to accomplish each day, I realized, I have to set daily steps to reach my daily goals to create long-term success. Brilliant, right?!

Funny, because I’ve thought about it a million times, but this time, it hit me Chuck Norris style that I HAVE to do this if I want to be successful.  As one member quoted “Knock the ball out of the park and you can walk the bases.” But I have to train and it has to be consistent. I get it now. Every day I GET to make choices. I chose to incorporate the following areas into my daily routine because they define what I believe is the core to who I want to be: my health, knowledge of the world around me, The Golden Rule, to contribute to the lives of others, to maintain balance ( myself, loved ones, and my work) and to take the initiative to make things happen. The true beauty is, I can change up HOW I do these same things every day, therefore eliminating the fear of rut.

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