For those of you just now following my journey through the Leadership Acceleration Program or LEAP, this is going to be a 12-month leadership program for individuals passionate about being leaders and reaching the potential in themselves and others. This program will ensure high performance through monthly, half-day skill building workshops; individual personalized coaching and confidential peer interaction. Provided is comprehensive materials and preparation, high-energy and experiential curriculum, reflection and self-discovery time, individual development planning and so much more.

My LEAP program this month was on what I believe every business struggles with the most…communication.  And one of the opening slides was “We see ourselves primarily in the light of our intentions, which are invisible to others, while we mainly see others in the light of their actions, which are visible.”

It made sense right away, however it still took me a minute to really break this down and realize “this is deep!” This applies to so many situations and I recommend you yourself take it into consideration. It may help you solve some of your own communication problems in the office and even at home.

This ties very well into another one of my own areas of weakness and that is making assumptions. I am learning through LEAP instead of “AIM, FIRE, READY”….to reserve more time to stop, take all things into consideration including trying to remove my own blinders and make better, more thought out suggestions and decisions. Another item we have been bringing up since we’re already three quarters of our way through the program is to use and practice all these tools on a regular basis. This is why I love LEAP so much–it’s the constant reminder to build off of what we learn each month and encourages to use these tools on a daily basis.

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