I am certain most of us have had the opportunity to attend various seminars and learning programs at some point in our careers. You probably took home at least a nugget or two. But considering the time and money you put into it, did you really feel like you implemented what you learned? Did anyone hold you accountable?  If you’re anything like me, you had the best surge of energy when you left and then it slowly fizzled as other daily issues quickly drained you and took over your attention. If this sounds like you, you might want to follow my journey through the Leadership Acceleration Program or LEAP and consider it for yourself. This is going to be a 12-month leadership program for individuals passionate about being leaders and reaching the potential in themselves and others. This program will ensure high performance through monthly, half-day skill building workshops as well as individual personalized coaching and confidential peer interaction. Provided is comprehensive materials and preparation, high-energy and experiential curriculum, reflection and self-discovery time, individual development planning and so much more.

I recently completed my first session. In it is a group of about eight individuals, non-compete, whom I am very much looking forward to getting to know. I can tell already these people will be in my life longer than 12 months. This program is different than anything else I have ever experienced. Already, I am being held accountable and I love it! The workload is small as it designed for people like me who need small bites. To begin, we each are to work on our own Performance Development Plan.  We receive a 360-degree checkpoint, or wake up call, from ten people who surround us and how evaluate how they see us. I am looking forward to my results, as I know I will see views I was never before aware of. Plan to look for my next journal entry in next month’s issue of Strictly Business to see my journey unfold or visit us online at www.strictly-business.com.

If you would like more information on the Leadership Acceleration Program, please contact Nikki Ellison, Certified Executive Coach at Nikki@EllisonPartners.com or 402.884.7300. Or visit them online at www.EllisonPartners.com.