Michele York Celebrates 14 Years at Executive Answering Service in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Executive Answering Service is pleased to announce that Client Account Manager Michele York recently celebrated her 14th anniversary with the company.  Michele was hired as an evening telephone operator and has since successfully held the titles of Lead Operator, Shift Supervisor, and Senior Manager.  Michele is the most senior employee, managing the day-to-day operation and reporting directly to the President/Owner, Megan Lipert-Murphy.  Her excellent customer service skills and consistent problem resolution relating to a wide variety of unique situations have made her an asset to the company and especially to each client they serve.  She hires, trains and manages a group of 23 operators handling thousands of calls monthly for their wide variety of clients. She is responsible for sales and acquisition of new clients, as well as ongoing customer service for all existing clients.  Michele works extensively with all clients to determine distinct call handling requirements and develops employee training relating to their specific inbound and outbound calling needs.

Locally owned and operated in Lincoln for over 40 years, Executive Answering Service is one of the most reputable answering services in the industry; providing live telephone receptionists, call center services, emergency dispatch, order entry and customer services both locally and nationally.  For more information about how Executive Answering Service can assist you, please call 800-488-6123 or (402) 474-3434 or visit www.executive-answering.com.