Digital Doc “Techs the Town” With Electronic Donation Drive


Digital Doc “Techs the Town” With Electronic Donation Drive

Digital Doc (, Omaha’s leading provider of certified, pre-owned devices and electronic repair services, is collecting gently used electronics for its community-driven holiday giving campaign, “Tech the Town.”

Through January 13, customers and business owners are encouraged to donate their old cell phones, tablets, and computers. Items donated will be given to Cross Training Center and Cross Electronic Recycling which work to train men, women and youth who are disadvantaged and undereducated so they can become successful.

“Now days, people are constantly upgrading their devices and abandoning their old tech– especially during the holiday season,” said Linette Nelson, owner of Digital Doc of Omaha. “Instead of leaving perfectly salvageable technology to sit in a junk drawer, we want to provide these items to new owners who don’t necessarily have the same privileges. So many people would find joy from the donations, and we’re rallying our customers to help us make a meaningful difference in their lives.”

Digital Doc of Omaha is also accepting broken devices and electronics that are in poor condition. In order to eliminate the amount of technology that gets thrown away and sent to landfills, Digital Doc of Omaha will either repair the item for donation or dispose of it properly through its partnership with Cross Electronic Recycling and Cross Training Center.

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