Yes, Direct Mail is Still a “Thing”


Yes, Direct Mail is Still a “Thing”

As many of you know, Strictly Business is direct mailed out to over 15,000 businesses in Omaha and more than 10,000 businesses in Lincoln every month. We aren’t a subscription-based publication. Our goal is to be in front of every CEO, business owner, manger, executive, and professional leader in the community. Every time a member of our team attends a networking event or referral group, we are getting new business cards so that we can continue to grow and update our mailing list. We also actively stay up-to-date with new businesses and faces coming into town. Anyone can access the news we publish online as well. There are no pop-up boxes or hurdles to jump through before you can read our content either—just relevant, reliable, local news and feature stories right at your finger tips.

Many marketers and businesses are still doubting the power of print media and direct mail, but we came across a Forbes article published by Bruce McMeekin that dives into why it is still strong…and getting stronger by the day!

“Integrated with new media, savvy marketers are discovering that direct mail is more powerful and return on investment-positive than ever, especially for microtargeting new customers and deepening relationships with existing ones.” McMeekin writes. “While communications channel options evolve at a rapid pace, the premise of putting the right offer in front of the right person at the right time never changes.”

For us, it’s not just about throwing ads at people and hoping they jump at the deals. We want our readers to make a personal connection with the businesses that advertise with us. That is why we create and publish so much free value-added editorial for them.

We hear it again and again…“I love getting your magazine and flipping through to see people I know and people I would like to get to know!” Strictly Business is about connecting the face with the business or organization name and building brand recognition.

In McMeekin’s article, he discussed why direct mail works and when to use it: “In addition to its pinpoint targeting advantage, direct mail is tangible and has a longer shelf life than email, which users often forget or delete seconds after opening. A piece of mail with a strong offer might sit on a desk or a kitchen counter for days—even weeks—after your target first glances at it. Because it can be held and touched, it conveys emotion and inspires action in a way that screentime can’t.”

With about a two- to three-month shelf life and strong pass-around readership, we estimate that one copy of Strictly Business is being seen by an average of five people. Multiply that by how many copies we send out every month…that is a lot of valuable exposure we are generating for our clients! We are very grateful to share their story, mission, offerings, and exciting announcements with all our readers. Plus, we know that not only are we reaching some of the most influential businesspeople in the area, we are also connecting with the biggest consumers in the market—homeowners, investors, entrepreneurs, shoppers, spouses, parents, party planners and hosts, pet owners, people concerned with their health, decision makers for their senior family members, etc. That is why we are a dual B2B and B2C direct-mail news source and marketing tool.

A marketer’s goal is to communicate to their audience how they can support them in achieving their goals. Print and digital media continue to be the two undeniable strategies that deliver that message to potential customers, which is why Strictly Business emphasizes reader engagement through more than just an ad.

The editorial we publish in print and online supports our clients’ message, allowing them to make a greater impact and lasting impression on all the people who receive the magazine every month.

Let Strictly Business help you lock in your status as THE EXPERT in your industry, utilizing print, the internet, and social media. Find out how by contacting Paige at (402) 466-3330.