A United Automatic Doors & Glass – Providing You Peace of Mind for Over 20 Years

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A United Automatic Doors & Glass – Providing You Peace of Mind for Over 20 Years

Founded in 1997, A United Automatic Doors & Glass (www.aunitedglass.com) is a family-owned company with three generations of glaziers and automatic door professionals.

A United Automatic Doors & Glass provides new installation of manual doors and automatic swing or sliding doors, infection control doors, handicap access doors, glass storefronts, and will service all makes and models of automatic doors. In recent company news, A United formed a new division, Secure Card Readers And More (S.C.R.A.M.). The company is now able to provide doors, secure access and entry, and surveillance seamlessly, in one package, all in a convenient and cost effective manner from one source.  Their 9,500 sq. ft. Office and Service Center is located at 1410 N. Saddle Creek Rd. in Omaha, NE.

Give us a brief synopsis of what your company does.

A United Automatic Doors & Glass and S.C.R.A.M. play an important role in the community because your business is in need of an operating entrance and exit, which need to be secured for peace of mind knowing that your business, employees, and customers are safe. In addition, from an image perspective, attractive and properly functioning doors are a representation of your businesses.

At A United, as a family business, we take pride in our work and relationships with our customers.  Therefore reliability on service fulfillment is a foundation in our company, providing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How long have you been in Omaha?

A United has been operating for 20 years, with the S.C.R.A.M. division at work for 2 years.

What do you think makes you different from other companies similar to yours?

At A United and S.C.R.A.M. we know doors and hardware. Consequently when it comes to fulfillment and project management, we do not give excuses as to why we cannot complete a project where both doors and security solutions are involved. Since our doors and glass division is aligned with the security aspect, we complete the task in both facets. For our market this is a novel approach.

What do you like about doing business in Omaha?

Our customers are great to work with in our community, and are very supportive during our efforts for the Open Door Mission.  We are very fortunate to have such loyal customers.

A United Automatic Doors & Glass

A United Golf Classic to Benefit the Omaha Door Mission

Do you have a business philosophy or mission statement?

“Here at A United we strive for quality and service above anything else. With every decision we make, our first thought is always about our customer.”

What changes have you seen in the industry and your company in the past few years?

Technology is becoming everything in our industry. Due to this, our goal is to provide customers with a software that is easy to navigate and user friendly.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about your business that most people don’t know?

Our clients are able to control all access and monitor their businesses from their smartphones or laptops. The owners, or managers, of the business can have comfort knowing that their business is safe in their absence.

What do you see happening with the business in the next five years?

In the next 5 years, integration will be the goal in our industries.  With the knowledge of security and automatic entrances working together, this will create an affordable benefit to the business owners and facility managers.  Alongside this integration, is the benefit of reduction in liability and litigation costs.

From big to small, A United can do it all!

In addition to the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, as an American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) certified service provider, you’ll receive the quality assurance you deserve from a company with more experienced technicians than anyone in the region.

Call today for a free estimate – (402) 558-6500. To find out more, visit the company’s website at www.aunitedglass.com and check out S.C.R.A.M. online at www.aunitedglass.com/scram.

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