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Turn Unemployment Into Reemployment

The transformation of Nebraska’s unemployment system into a reemployment program is having an impact on both employers and workers across the state. The first-in-the-nation program leverages cutting edge software that requires jobseekers filing for unemployment to register for work and post a searchable resume in, the Nebraska employment services system, before they can file an unemployment claim. Employers can then search posted resumes for a particular skill inventory, find resumes of individuals with the right experience, and/or utilize a virtual recruiter tool and proactively reach out to potential applicants.

The reemployment program includes the following components:

  • Personal Individualized Plans – Staff work with participants to create individual employment plans that identify goals and objectives and determine the appropriate combination of services for the participant to meet their employment goals.
  • Virtual Online Recruiter – An NEworks account allows individuals access to employment tools and resources, such as a resume builder, a messaging center to communicate with employers and workforce staff, free online learning resources, job search options including a virtual recruiter to identify personalized employment opportunities, and access to their individual employment plan.
  • Career Interest Assessment – Nebraska Career Connections assessments provide reliable career guidance and direction to the workers. The assessments cover career interests, skills confidence, and work values. Assessment results are reviewed with individuals to ensure they represent an accurate picture of the individual and to identify areas of knowledge, skill, and ability that they can leverage as productive members of the workforce.
  • Data-Driven Opportunities – Labor market information is used in conjunction with assessments and previous work experience to determine options and opportunities that exist in the current job market.
Governor Pete Ricketts-Nebraska Department of Labor

Governor Pete Ricketts

This past June, Governor Pete Ricketts was honored by the National Foundation for Unemployment Compensation and Workers’ Compensation (UWC) for his advocacy of the reemployment program.  The UWC presented the Governor with the J. Eldred Hill, Jr. Award for excellence in the public policy arena in service to the employer community. This July, the Governor unveiled a new video highlighting the program’s successes from both the job creator and employee perspective.

“It’s been exciting to see the success stories resulting from this program,” said Labor Commissioner John Albin.  “They include an insurance professional who found a new opportunity in Omaha, a nurse who became reemployed in Schuyler, and a military veteran laid off after 19 years who was hired by a technology company while he earns his degree.  The reemployment program is working for Nebraskans, and other states are taking notice.”

In the past year, Marriott began using Nebraska’s reemployment program to identify talent for their team, including 27 employees who successfully completed the state’s reemployment program.  Marriott leadership and one of their newly hired professionals shared their experience.

“Nebraska’s reemployment training program boosted these applicant’s employability skills and gave them the confidence to believe they had the ability to be successful in a home-based working environment,” said Marriott Director of Human Resources Chris Dunn.

“I had been out of the workforce for quite a while when I got started with the reemployment program. I had a son with a lot of medical issues and I had to find a position that allowed me to still be a parent first,” said Marriott Reservation Sales Specialist Jacqueline Smith.  “I can remember the day very clearly when I got the call about the Marriott position.  I was very excited because I was convinced that it was going to be a very long process.  The position ended up being perfect for me.”

To learn more about Nebraska’s reemployment program,  contact the Nebraska Department of Labor at 402-471-4189.  To watch the video, visit

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