National Account Systems of Omaha, owned by Mark Kottke and Matt Schmit, designs, implements and executes effective recovery strategies and tactics for their clients’ outstanding account receivables.  The companies they’ve acquired have a combined 90 years of hands on experience in the Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota Territories. Their personal experience spans the past 20 years at a local, national and international level. Their proprietary data base and intimate knowledge of credit and collection climate in the Omaha area are second to none.  What do you think makes you different from other companies similar to yours? – Our ‘mid major’ status – we have all of the experience, capabilities and expertise of all of our top 5 national competitors, but we have the ability to service all of our clients like they are our only one. NAS: where superior performance meets personal service.

What do you like about doing business in the Omaha area?
The entrepreneurial spirit of the city and the conservative values and solid work ethic of the community. The deep, rich and intriguing history of athletic and academic excellence. The diversity, quality and value in the restaurant and entertainment industry. That you can golf, eat world class sushi and catch a collage World Series game all in the same day.

What kind of community organizations/groups are you involved with?
The Better Business Bureau, American Collectors Association, Association of Healthcare Management ,  Nebraska Credit Union League, Metro Omaha Property Owners Association.

Do you have a business philosophy or mission statement?
That on many levels, too numerous to mention here, our society and culture rely on the ability to take American citizens at their word that we will keep our personal and financial commitments and that all of our clients have invested their business and capital into that philosophy. At NAS we are committed to our professional obligation – to see that our clients are compensated for all products and services mutually rendered.

What changes have you seen in the industry and your company in the past few years?
A lot of regulation has been, and still is being added to this sensitive sector of the economy. The Local, State and Federal legislation continues add or modify laws each year. We need to adhere to them, and have countless compliance redundancies in place to properly comply. We take that very seriously in our overall strategy. Our industry, like most, has plenty of safeguards and remedies in place already to ensure that those who chose not to play by the rules are exposed, disciplined and or punished.

What do you see happening with the business in the next five years?
Continued growth and diversification – our foundation is solid and we can look to expand our regional footprint and our market diversification. In addition, prevailing market and regulatory forces continue to expand and drive demand in an industry with which we have a high degree of perspective and expertise.

What is one of the biggest challenges that your company has faced?
Trusting your instincts, staying the course in the face of adversity – all of the challenges we are facing now we have witnessed before only behind the shield of a corporation.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about your business that most people don’t know?
How professional the entire industry is.  We are a pretty easy target for politicians and consumer advocacy groups. In the main stream media our industry is largely painted with a negative brush. In truth, the vast majority of professionals in our industry are highly educated, very experienced and embrace compliance for the benefit that it provides for the greater good.

What is one goal for your business that you have yet to accomplish?
There are a number of businesses in Omaha that would greatly benefit from our performance and perspective; we just want a chance to compete.

Is there anything else we should know?
Yes our website information is