Engineered Controls – Offering HVAC, Building Automation, and Security Training

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Engineered Controls – Offering HVAC, Building Automation, and Security Training

Because it is not always possible to get away for training, Engineered Controls ( offers affordable, customized classroom or on-site technical training for building owners, building managers, system operators, and technicians. Our cost-effective training programs are designed for anyone who needs a working knowledge of environmental and building automation systems.

Every organization understands the value of having a skilled workforce. Effective product training increases employee effectiveness, enhances employee skills, decreases employee turnover, and improves your company’s bottom line.

Training Options to Meet Your Needs

In association with Control Depot, our building technology distribution partner, Engineered Controls can offer our valued customers local product and systems training for a variety of hardware and software products.

One of Control Depot University’s newest training opportunities is their HVAC Control Systems Basics course. This 12-week course is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of key building technology concepts on HVAC fundamentals, commercial heating/cooling systems, HVAC equipment, indoor air quality (IAQ), security, video and access control systems, Building Automation Systems (BAS) and user interfaces.

Once an individual has successfully completed the HVAC Control Systems introductory course, additional advanced classes are available in BAS networks and web-based controls, Energy Audits, BAS interoperability, and advanced technologies.

To help with understanding the control technologies associated with the HVAC control industry, Control Depot has added a state-of-the-art training facility to their Omaha office. Training courses are available in-house or on-site for control contacting partners, mechanical service providers, and end-users.

Our cost-effective training programs are designed for anyone who needs a working knowledge of building controls, BAS, security, and parking systems. These include but are not limited to:

  • Building Owners
  • Building Managers
  • Engineers
  • Operators
  • Maintenance Tech’s

Our goal is to maximize the potential of every student by delivering comprehensive instruction in an interactive learning environment. Additional training can be purchased through our service department to refresh your current knowledge and update you with new features that become available in future versions of system software and hardware.

In our 21 years of operation, Engineered Controls has achieved a reputation as the premier service provider in our industry by developing a solid reputation for creating innovative building management and energy performance solutions. Our portfolio includes corporate, education, government, healthcare, hotel and housing, industrial, parking structures, recreation and entertainment, religious, technology, and green building projects.

When you choose Engineered Controls, you can be confident you are receiving dependable service from highly-trained industry experts, who will respond promptly, work diligently, and who are committed to ensuring the best possible outcome.

With offices in Omaha and Lincoln, Engineered Controls employs over 90 people throughout Nebraska and Iowa and our employees collectively represent over 825 years of industry experience. When combined with our hands-on experience, this ensures that our clients receive the most cost-effective and professional service possible.

To learn more about our Custom Training offerings or to speak with one of our experts today, please submit an online inquiry on our website or contact your local Engineered Controls office today!Logo-Engineered-Controls-Inc-Omaha-Nebraska

Omaha Office: (402) 339-1300 | | Lincoln Office: (402) 434-2110

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