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Become more powerless.

Founded in 2010 in Omaha, ENERGY STUDIO ( is an energy modeling and management firm that specializes in helping architects, engineers, developers and building owners maximize energy efficiency and minimize costs.

When we determine exactly what designers are trying to achieve, we can develop the best approach, so their needs and requirements are met.


ChallengeRockford Construction purchased a former warehouse in a blighted area with designs of converting it into its headquarters. It had expansive spaces and an exterior envelope that was less than energy efficient. The project’s primary challenge was to reduce the building’s energy use intensity to help achieve an aggressive goal of Platinum LEED certification.

Solution—During the schematic design energy modeling exercise, Energy Studio found that the large all-glass south facing atrium was contributing to a significant portion of the building energy use. Working with the architects, they were able to develop a design that reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool this space while maintaining the ability to daylight the space and still allowing the south facade to define the facility from downtown Grand Rapids. Energy efficiency was achieved through the use an under floor air distribution system that is served by a high-efficiency rooftop unit, reduced installed lighting power, daylight harvesting, and a significantly improved building envelope that included continuous wall insulation, high efficiency glazing, and an R-40 roof. The building realizes an annual energy cost savings of $46,000 per year and is Energy Star certified. Additionally, the project earned several local utility incentives and full credit under the IRS Section 179d tax deduction. Energy efficiency really does pay off.


Challenge The Landmark Ownership Group in Omaha, Nebraska, purchased the iconic Landmark Tower with designs of converting a portion of the building into a boutique hotel. The project’s primary challenge was to reduce the building’s energy use intensity and evaluate the opportunity to connect to the downtown central utility plant.

Solution First, the team reviewed historic utility bills to develop an energy benchmark for the building. Then, the team conducted an occupant survey to capture satisfaction levels with indoor environmental quality, such as thermal comfort, lighting level, air quality, and noise. Finally the team developed an energy model that included a prioritized list of probable cost for Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and life cycle cost analysis scenarios to support the building owner’s decision-making.

As a result of ENERGY STUDIO’S analysis, the project moved forward, and “The Farnam,” Omaha’s newest boutique hotel is set to open in May 2021.

“Energy Studio is easy to work with, open to ideas, willing to push the envelope. They are a good team. I look for opportunities to engage with them.” Steph Guy, Alvine Engineering

“The most outstanding thing is their ability to build very positive relationships. They have a very direct approach, are very candid, but non-confrontational. They have an outstanding ability to put project teams at ease. They engage effectively. Ask questions. This builds confidence in the folks they work with.” Keith Winn, Catalyst Partners

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