Healing Paws at Nemaha County Hospital: Meet Ellie

“The touch of a furry friend can change what may have been a scary environment for a child to an inviting one.” – Kermit Moore, Director of Nursing at Nemaha County Hospital in Auburn.

Moore is also Ellie’s co-pilot during the many pet therapy visitations she provides within their facility. Ellie is a three-year-old Goldendoodle, a certified pet therapy dog through the Domesti-PUPS program.

Ellie provides visits to those during their hospital stays upon request. She also visits those who are waiting for their outpatient appointments. And her job does not stop there. Ellie provides warmth, comfort and a sense of calmness for not only the patients, but their families as well. She brings smiles and comforts those who have tears. And the staff get their time with Ellie too. “Some cases are tough and our staff need a way to de-stress. Ellie provides that outlet for them,” says Moore.

With an abundance of benefits, utilizing therapy and service dogs full-time in facilities is a growing movement in the U.S., including leading national health providers like the Mayo Clinic. For more information on adding a trained therapy dog to your medical facility, contact Domesti-PUPS at info@domesti-pups.org.

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