AOI – Offering Solutions for the Built Environment

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Offering Solutions for the Built Environment

Since 1985, AOI ( has offered solutions for the built environment through their construction, furniture, and pre-manufactured construction groups. Products and services are available individually or combined as part of a holistic approach developed in close collaboration with their clients and design teams. Local leadership includes Christine Hill, President; Mike Fritzinger, VP of Construction; Becky Costello, VP of Furniture Sales; Mick Jensen, VP of Pre-manufactured Interior Solutions; and Patrick Jensen, VP of Marketing and Business Development. While AOI has over 100 employees today, the company was started with a nothing more than a backyard dream of a gazebo, three friends, an orange van, and a kitchen table. These humble roots remain evident in the company’s dedication to creating “win-win” relationships. By checking egos at the door and committing to shared goals, everyone benefits. AOI also prides themselves on their ability to bringing order to chaos through effective communication. It’s what makes true collaboration with their colleagues and clients possible. They create streamlined processes and maintain open lines of communication to keep information flowing and eliminate misunderstandings. This approach guided the company through the challenges of COVID.

The pandemic taught people the importance of adaptability and flexibility into designs from the outset. Doing anything less leaves organizations flat-footed and struggling to adapt or spending large sums to react when it does. Changes in technology, workflow, regulations, staffing, and disasters all highlight the need for environments to flex and adapt to meet current needs. The pre-manufactured interior solutions such as DIRTT and new Herman Miller furnishings sold by AOI are really focused on this and will be important elements in creating those dynamic environments over the next several years.

AOI Gives 2020 – Abide

Upholding Values Remains Highest Achievement

 Everyone focuses on the difficulty in managing through the hard times, but it can be equally challenging to manage a business when business is booming. Managing what you take on as you stretch and grow is so important in protecting your responsiveness and the level of service you deliver. It’s also important from a cultural integrity and continuity perspective. Every few years, AOI leadership brings in different people from throughout their organization—some only a few years in—and asks them “Why AOI? What is it that differentiates us from the rest?” Every time, they end up reiterating some version of the principles the company was founded on more than 35 years ago. In their eyes, that’s the highest achievement they can hit because it means they aren’t losing who they are as they continue to grow, adapt, change, and add to the mix along the way.

Committed to Omaha

AOI is proud to be involved with the Greater Omaha Chamber and Sarpy County Chamber, AIA Nebraska, AGC Nebraska, CREW, SMPS Nebraska, and host of other business organizations. Community involvement and philanthropic endeavors vary by year and are chosen by the AOI Gives committee—an employee lead philanthropy group. Over the past couple of years, they have been engaged with Food Bank for the Heartland, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Farkle Fund, American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Foundation, Douglas County CASA program, and more.

“I personally couldn’t be happier with the decision we made to use AOI. They went over and beyond what we expected and delivered a product that was everything we dreamed it to be. They answered every question we had and when we went to them with any concern, they addressed it and made sure it was right. Outstanding company and one I would use again and again. I will always recommend AOI not only because of the quality of work, but also the outstanding personal care they added to the process. It felt like they belonged to the Roncalli Family.” – TJ Orr, Gustafson Media Center – Roncalli Catholic Highschool Project

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