Project Harmony ( is raising awareness for National Missing Children’s Day, recognized each year on May 25 to shine a spotlight on child safety. The observance also honors the professionals dedicated to protecting children around the country.

As a Child Advocacy Center, Project Harmony seeks solutions to the widespread community problem of exploitation, sex trafficking and other victimization of the most vulnerable youth. Through their Missing Youth Services and Anti-Trafficking program, police have the option to take runaways to Project Harmony or refer the families there. Project Harmony staff also look through police reports and reach out to families who may need help. Staff meets with the young person and their family and creates an intervention plan, including individual and group therapy.

The goal is changing the attitude towards runaways and not just labeling them as ‘bad kids’ but realizing there is something more going on – what are they running from or what are they running to? For families, it can be the critical support system that means the difference between a young person staying or running again. If you are a caregiver or concerned party of a youth in Nebraska who has run away, please report them missing to your local police department and the Child Abuse Hotline at 1 (800) 652-1999. You can also call Project Harmony at (402) 595-1326 for support services.

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